Property and Facilities Management requirements will predominantly be driven by the organisational need to increasingly make people and the organisations more efficient. Opex consultants can help you to undertake a top level facilities service independent strategic review on your business, to reduce individual facilities service costs, or to consider the need for property to define space budgets, options for change, evaluation including financial modelling.

Property Strategy and review / audit

Opex use a demand supply methodology to assess the need for property and to evaluate the performance of the current portfolio. We help organisations develop policy and strategy taking into account space requirements, utilisation, condition, cost, location and other key variables.

The financial analysis used to evaluate the options can be based on the “Green Book” or specific corporate guidelines. The effective use of assets can be difficult to assess without cost modelling the portfolio and testing different capital investment strategies to see what impact they have on the revenue cost and the operational effectiveness of each solution. With property there may well be capital receipts from capital disposals and reduced operating costs; this may be offset by the need to invest in better technology, upgrading space and higher cost per square metre for facilities management as FM services are more intensively used.

To understand these competing receipts, costs and investments a net present value (NPV) cash flow approach is used to assess the relative costs of competing approaches to managing the portfolio.

Facilities Strategy and review/ audit

Opex also use a demand supply methodology to undertake facilities reviews. It includes developing a clear understanding of the organisational need for the service; working with the Service Managers and a number of the operational supervisors/ team leaders (as agreed with our clients) to identify current performance and opportunities for change; identifying the gap, developing options and establishing the service design with sufficient information to develop the Implementation Plan. The approach is shown opposite.


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