Independent Audit Review ConsultantsFacilities Management Business Review

Whether your requirement for an independent service audit is for a top level facilities service business review, to reduce individual facilities service costs e.g. maintenance, cleaning and/or improve the quality of service delivered to your properties, or a combination of both, our experienced consultants can help you define and implement the delivery strategy that suits your needs.

FM Service Delivery Improvements

Our FM services audit process will often identify improvements in the facilities service delivery structure, or the processes employed for service delivery which can be rapidly implemented resulting in ?quick wins? for the Client organisation. Equally, we have excellent experience in re-implementation and/or long term restructuring of the FM services to bring best practice and best value improvements.

FM Benchmarking / Market Testing – Business Improvement

Benchmarking can be used as part of the overall process of business improvement. In practice, benchmarking usually encompasses:

  • regularly comparing aspects of performance (functions or processes) with best practitioners;
  • identifying gaps in performance;
  • seeking fresh approaches for improvements in performance;
  • following up by monitoring progress and reviewing the benefits;
  • satisfies the requirements of best value standing order provisions for Public and Private sector clients alike.

Should our FM reviews and benchmarking recommend the best course of action to be market testing or outsourcing, our procurement expertise and long and successful history of facilities cost management ensures the best value solutions are achieved.

Does your business need an independent service audit? Get in touch with one of our skilled facilities management consultants today.