Interim Technical Manager Service Manager

Client:           Laing Investment Management Services (LIMS)/Meridian Hospital Company

Services:       Interim Technical Manager Service Manager (SPV)

Location:      Woolwich, London

Project Summary:

In March 2012 Opex accepted a commission from John Laing Investments to take the post of interim technical management at the hospital. The role was to manage the Hard FM contractor and in particular monitor their work and ensure they met contractual and statutory compliance requirements and to also strengthen the management framework, processes, and documentation including significant reshaping of technical auditing and client variations procedures.


The hospital which had been a military hospital was substantially rebuilt and refurbished under a PFI and was opened in March 2001. The 33-year contract is run by Meridian Hospital Company (MHC) plc who has hard and soft FM operational contracts with Vinci and ISS Mediclean. LIMS act as hard FM technical advisers for MHC. The hospital provides 484 acute beds and 87 mental health beds.


The QEH hospital is operationally a very challenging acute hospital which operates at or above full capacity, servicing the South London area. Over a 7-8 month commission period. In our role of Interim Technical Management, Opex was able to develop new auditing and hard FM management procedures for our client that are now being used to manage and monitor the hard FM delivery requirements. At the same time, we took the reigns on the day to day management requirements and interface with the Trust. Finally, we helped LIMS to fill the permanent role of Technical Service Manager and have been helping to train and mentor the new appointee.


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Interim Technical Management Service - Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Opex Facilities Management Consultant